COVID19 Dining Rules

All rules listed on our website are subject to change without notice.

Starting Friday, June 26, Berks county is moving into the Green Phase of reopening. The rules for dining in PA will change at that time. Please be advised that we are attempting to follow all Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, PA Department of Health and CDC Guidelines as we interpret them.

We would like to thank everyone who has been supportive of our efforts to maintain a clean and safe environment. We truly appreciate your support and encouragement. If you are unhappy with the requirements we have set forth, please feel free to patronize other establishments who may have a different interpretation of the rules.

COVID19 Outdoor Dining Rules

  1. Green Phase allows for indoor dining. We will not be offering indoor seating at this time. All seating will remain on the deck.
  2. The formula for determining capacity has changed allowing us to add more people on the deck. We will be adding a few more seats to the tables.
  3. Seating can be more flexible. We are allowing parties up to 10 people provided we can maintain a 6 foot social distance. Please do not move tables without approval or assistance.
  4. Seating is not allowed at the bar.
  5. In order to purchase alcohol, you must also purchase something to eat.
  6. There is still no standing allowed anywhere on the deck including the bar area. If you leave your table to smoke, please stand in the parking lot.
  7. You must wear a mask whenever moving about the deck. That includes entrance, exit and using the restroom. You may remove your mask when seated at the bar or table.
  8. The gameroom is temporarily closed.
  9. While your children are welcome, we must insist they remain seated at your table and not allowed to roam the deck, parking lot, or surrounding area.
  10. We are not accepting reservations at this time.
  11. Our temporary hours will be: Closed Mondays. Sunday, Tuesday - Thursday the kitchen will be open from 5 - 8. The bar will give last call at 8:30. Friday and Saturday the kitchen will be open from 5 - 8:30. The bar will give last call at 9:00.