Our Philosophy

We are committed to serving top quality, fresh, homemade food. From our hand pressed burgers to our hand pulled pork BBQ and 100% homemade soups, we have dedicated ourselves to providing our customers with the best, quality food available at a reasonable price. With this in mind, we have been serving the Best Burgers in Berks since 1989.

Bertie's Inn Building

Building History

Bertie's Inn was built in the early 1800's. John Gechter converted it into a public house early in that century. At that time it was known as The Washington House. It got this name because Capt. John Gechter was commander of the Washington Rifle Blue, Taylor Battalion, Fifth Division of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, a local militia that ran its drills on the property. His proprietorship began in the 1850's. He ran a general store and also applied for and received a U.S. Post Office. John Gechter became the Post Master of the Alsace Post in 1863. The post office closed in April 1900. The following people took ownership of the building and business. Sarah and Abraham Snyder 1860's to 1880, the Hartman's 1880 to 1888, Wellington Eagle 1888 to 1900, A. H. Snyder 1900 to 1905, Calvin Ritter 1905 to 1920's, Ramsey from 1920 to 1950, Bertha and Ambrose Kennedy 1960 to 1989, Peter and Anne Thomas 1989 to present.

-The Passing Scene By George & Gloria Meiser

Anne and Peter Thomas

Anne and Peter Thomas

Anne and Peter Thomas have been the proud owners of Bertie's Inn since 1989 and have turned it into what it is today. They are responsible for two additions to the building, one of which is the 2,500 square foot deck out the back for those beautiful summer months and the other is a large commercial kitchen.